Assorted Pictures from the area... enjoy!

image Do 27 approaching Friedrichshafen... (only once, on a world tour, 'back to the roots'). The foreground is 'modern art'.
Harbor of Constance at sunset in late summer. image
image View from an airplane above Dettingen in the direction of Meersburg and Friedrichshafen
Over the Rhine - Switzerland to the right. Below traces of boats in the shallow water. image
image Constance 'Niederburg' and 'Paradies' ('lower castle' and 'paradise'). Constance is a town where you can drive with a bus directly from the cemetary to paradise!
Dettingen - on the horizon left the Isle of Reichenau, right the 'Mettnau'. image
image Dettingen again, from the West. Can you see our house? :)
The Island of Reichenau image
image Landing approach to the airfield of Constance. On the horizon the Austrian alps.
A minute later... image
image Thunderstorm behind the Island of Mainau and Meersburg.
And a thunderstorm overhead in Dettingen - unusual good-looking. image
image The 'funnel' of Constance, leading the water into the Rhine, again with the Austrian alps.
Us, while hiking in the Swiss alps. image

Isn't it worth it to try to keep earth in a healthy condition?

(All pictures © by me...)