Graphs of the DHW system

I wrote an own program to read the control's sensor data, and upload it to the WWW. You can see two curves if my laptop is switched on - usually it is when the weather is good enough that I can expect to get some informative data, there's no reason to let the computer run for nothing worth looking at...
Translation of the items in the chart legend
German English Sensor position
'System Schematics'
Kollektor Collector (Panel) S1
Speicher oben Top of Reservoir S3
Vorlauf Advance Flow/Inflow (?) S5
Vorlauf (Pumpengruppe) Advance Flow/Inflow (?) (Solar Station) S4
Ruecklauf Back Flow/Outflow S2
Durchfluss Fluid Flow
Pumpendrehzahlstufe Pump speed
Leistung (Modul) Momentary power, calculated by control
Leistung (berechnet) Momentary power, calculated by myself


The following graph shows how much the oil consumption went down. In addition to the DHW system, we bought a stove that we use as additional heating. The graph shows

Monthly results

Oil consumption graph

Monthly results (gliding mean value)

Oil consumption graph
The vertical axis shows the time the bruner was working (hours per day). It went down significantly, although mostly due to the wood stove, of course.