System Schematics

system schematics (Click on the picture to see it large.)

I inserted the heat exchanger to allow me to add a radiator heating, if the tank is full or cannot be heated, and the panels stil lhave enough energy.

It came handy, however, when I noticed several times when the graviational flow brakes in the solar station did not work 100%, so during some nights, the collectors were heated up by a reverse circulation. Bad Idea!

Now I use the 3-way-valve to cut off the tank from the circulation, which works perfect, but disallows the use for a radiatior. No problem at the moment, as the UVR control does not allow any more parameters for such a task anyway. I must find a way if I ever exchange the control by a more sophisticated, or a control designed and programmed by myself.

Circulation Control

Of course we don't like an all-time circulation! What are the alternatives?