Overview of the 3.9 kWp PV System

As soon as the DHW system did work, I thought of the future more far away, when my kids grow up and need more money. Some investments had to be done. So what about installing a PV System?

My decision was based upon

Thus I decided that 'Kaiser Software Engineering' will go straight into the energy market.

After some research in this area (and a lot of firms don't bother to answer, or to send any notice that I succeeded in sending them a fax or email), I found one firm in Freiburg, which

so I decided to give them the chance. After sending the roof plan, a picture taken from an airplane, and the maximum amount to spend, we exchanged some eMails, had some telephone conference, the CEO (who was in my area on vacation) came by here for an hour and looked around, took some measurements, gave me a schedule, and went.

And so the installation went - the mechanics came (in time), installed the system in two days' time, and went. And everything works since then. Everything done, including all paperwork. All their hints were helpful. Not bad! That's exactly how it should be.

Also, they are very friendly and still answer any mail (even after the installation is finished and the deal completed), usually on the next day. I write in the evening, when I have time, and the next evening the answer is there. This is not always the case! My choice seems good.

Again (trust me), I don't get anything from that firm. I'm just convinced they do a really good job, and I would immediately do it again.

The firm's data:

Christaweg 6
79114 Freiburg
Tel 07631-479763-0
Fax 07631-479763-9
Mail post@energossa.de
INet www.energossa.de